More ideas for things to do together at home.

Sporting events are canceled, concerts are postponed, tourist spots are silent, and school is out indefinitely.

No, this isn’t the start of a bad post-apocalyptic movie. It’s what real life looks like as we all learn to navigate our new normal.

For most families, this means one thing: a lot more togetherness.

Going a little stir crazy at home? We’ve got you covered. Today, we’re sharing 10 fun family activities you can do to grow closer, make memories, and weather this storm together.

1. Complete a puzzle.

Most of us have at least one puzzle that’s just waiting to be put together. Yours might be in the office, stashed in the back of the coat closet, or under your kid’s bed.

Most of the time, we’re too busy to sit down and put all of those tiny pieces together. Yet this shutdown has forced us to slow down, and now is the perfect time to take a crack at it! If you have little kids, let them help by counting the pieces and grouping similar colors together.

When you’re finished, follow these steps to learn how to glue your puzzle together and frame it to commemorate this rare moment in time.

Not much of a jigsaw family? Try your hand at a Rubik’s Cube or a jumbo crossword puzzle!

2. Read an e-book together.

The kids are always on their devices anyway, so why not make it a family event?

Online audiobook subscription services (like Scribd) are offering free 30-day access right now, and libraries around the country are opening up their digital archives, including e-books, for free. This means it’s a great time to dive into a story together!

Start by finding your local branch and learning how they’re operating right now. In addition to free e-books, many are providing curbside service so you can still check out new books with ease. Then, check out this list of other resources that let you read for free online!

3. Channel your inner top chef.

Stuck without bread and milk for a little while? French toast was getting a little mundane anyway. Now is a great time to get creative in the kitchen and get the whole crew involved.

Try opening your pantry and choosing five ingredients. Then, brainstorm ways to combine them into a delicious meal! This might take a few tries, but you’ll be surprised at how many soups, casseroles, and desserts you can make with items you already have on hand.

A little stuck? Type your ingredients into this website and it will deliver matching recipes in seconds!

4. Play Mad Libs.

Looking for a fun family game that doesn’t involve staring into a screen? It’s time to break out that old, familiar car game that got you through so many road trips as a child: Mad-Libs!

There are online versions, but you can make your own, too. Choose one family member to write a funny narrative but leave a few of the spaces blank. In the meantime, everyone else can create separate lists of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs on a whiteboard.

Allow the kids to circle a few of their favorite words from each list. Then, populate the story using those words and let the hilarity ensue!

5. Color and create outside.

Yes, you need to stay home. But you don’t have to stay indoors 24/7. Medical experts agree that it’s fine to venture into your backyard for a little fresh air.

This is a great way to get some wiggles out. It’s also a perfect spot to do all those messy activities that could ruin your dining room table, along with your sanity.

Take finger paints and draft paper outside and let the kids go crazy making their own creations. Create a family masterpiece with sidewalk chalk. Shake up a can of shaving cream and practice drawing sight words on the driveway.

Feeling ambitious? You can even mix up that five-letter word that all kids love: s-l-i-m-e!

6. Plant a garden.

Businesses around the nation are feeling the hit from this temporary setback, but local garden stores are busier than ever before. That’s because this is the perfect time to start planting your summer crops!

From fruits and veggies to flowers and leafy greens, you can fill your rows with whatever your heart desires. Call ahead and make sure your store is offering curbside pickup service (most are), and grab a few packs of seeds or starter plants. In this time of confusion and uncertainty, it can be incredibly therapeutic to grow something new from the ground up.

7. Prioritize oral health.

You can’t say you’re too busy to floss now!

If your brood is used to quickly brushing right before bed, use this downtime to learn more about how to take care of your teeth and gums. This includes learning the proper way to floss and brush, as well as easy steps you can do at home to prevent a dental emergency.

This simple YouTube video from the American Dental Association (ADA) helps kids discover why and how to floss, using language and visuals they can understand.

8. Three words: family movie night!

Parents around the world rejoiced when Disney+ released “Frozen 2” on March 15, three months ahead of schedule, to help ease the transition into quarantining.

Take a cue from the online streaming platform and host your own movie nights, whenever you want! In addition to the new flicks, you can also introduce your kids to a slew of old favorites, from Old Yeller to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

If you don’t have such a service, you can always find TV movies. Or, now might be the perfect time to revisit your DVD collection or dust off those classic VHS tapes! Maybe even rerun some of those old slides that show what you and your parents did for fun family activities back in the day.

9. Play charades.

Need to get everyone moving? Charades remains one of the greatest family games of all time, especially if the weather is yucky and you can’t go outdoors.

The premise is simple: Each person takes a turn using only hand gestures to describe a popular movie, song, book, person, or phrase. Need some inspiration? This site will generate ideas and includes a helpful breakdown of the rules.

10. Practice yoga together.

Yoga is proven to improve flexibility, strength, and stamina. It’s also an excellent de-stressor for the entire family.

There’s no denying that tensions are a little high right now, and even if your youngest ones aren’t vocalizing it, they might be feeling the effects of this shift. A family yoga session can be a great way to wind down, redirect your focus, and find your center.

The Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube series is a great, free resource designed for children ages three and up. It includes guided yoga sessions designed around mindfulness and relaxation, with new videos posted weekly.

Try these fun family activities today.

When you have enough ideas at your disposal, this time together at home can turn from mundane to magical. Staying active, engaging your mind, and moving your bodies can help alleviate the emotional and physical drain that can come with self-quarantining.

The next time your gang is feeling a little uninspired, take control of your schedule and bash the boredom with these fun family activities. In the meantime, we’re here and would love to hear from you. Contact us today to connect!