Fresh Ideas for Summer Fun With Kids

Summer is almost upon us, so we’ve put together 10 ways for you to have some fun with your kids. You can turn this list into the ultimate summer bucket list, or pick them at random; that’s up to you. Most of these activities are easy to set up and involve everyday items you can find in almost every home. They’re also suitable for the whole family, so parents, don’t be afraid to join in!

1. Decorate rocks.

Does your little one enjoy hunting for rocks in your backyard or at the playground? Well, decorating rocks may just be the ideal activity for you to do together. There are so many ways to paint rocks; you can try making bee rocks to decorate your garden, paint little planet rocks to explore the galaxy, or make a pretty set of animals that resemble your little one’s favorite furry creatures. When it comes to rock painting, your imagination is really your only limit.

2. Make homemade goop.

Goop, slime, oobleck … we may have different names for it, but one thing remains true for us all: kids love it. So when the temperatures are high and going outside feels like torture, making homemade goop is a wonderful way to entertain the kids indoors. All you need to get started is cornstarch, water, and maybe some watercolors. Check out this site for step-by-step instructions.

3. Play water balloon baseball.

Few things are better than water balloon baseball on a hot summer day. It helps keep everyone cool as you play together. For this activity, you’ll need balloons, a bucket of water, and a bat. Fill the balloons with water, and you’re all set to play baseball with a splash.

4. Squirt Gun Water Painting

Most kids (especially the little ones) are happiest when making a mess. Play squirt gun water painting with your kids this summer and let them make a creative mess for a change. Before the summer boredom bug hits your household, haul several blank canvases to your backyard and start spraying your paint-filled water guns. The kids will have an awesome time, and you’ll get some wall “art” as a keepsake. If you don’t have any squirt guns laying around in your house, you can use plastic spray bottles. They work almost as well.

5. Egg Drop

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, poached, or dropped. Well, the last option isn’t cooked, but you’ll still enjoy them and have fun with your kids. The only thing you need is eggs, of course. Give each of your kids an egg and help them come up with an inventive way to protect it. Next, let your little one go to one of the windows facing the backyard and drop the secured egg. The one whose egg doesn’t break is the winner. Give them one of your homemade popsicles or a scoop of ice cream as a prize. Just remember to brush their teeth right after like the dentists at Ada Smile Place recommend.

6. Feed the ducks.

Many of our little ones love interacting with the ducks at Wintersmith Park. On your next stroll, carry a bag with some fresh food from your kitchen and you’ve got a fun summer activity for kids and adults alike. You can even make some homemade duck feed using oats, brown rice, and frozen assorted vegetables. Put everything in a bucket, mix it all together, and the ducks will quack all the way to you.

7. Bean Bag Toss

You probably have a collection of bean bags that came with some toys or sporting goods, and summer is the perfect time to toss them around. Spend time with your kids tossing the bags in the air and catching them before they hit the ground. You can add two claps before you catch it to make it a little more challenging or even try to throw two bags at a time without dropping them. If you don’t have any bean bags, get the kids involved in making them. Just sew a piece of fabric into a square and fill it with beans. You may even choose to let your crafty kids take the reins on this one.

8. Blow bubbles.

This list may provide some fresh ideas on fun stuff to do with your kids this summer, but we can’t leave out the classics, like blowing bubbles. Children enjoy playing with bubbles; some like making them, and others are in it for the thrill of the chase and the chance to pop those magical orbs. You can take this simple activity to the next level and invest in different shapes of wands. Try to make the bubbles even bigger, and you’ve got yourself some good clean fun.

9. Fly a kite.

Kites are perhaps the most underrated toys a child can have. It might be because when you think of flying a kite, you imagine spending hours in the sun as you hold on to a string. But that’s not all there is to it. Before you can fly a kite, you first have to make it, which gives you a great opportunity to bond with your kids. Don’t worry if you don’t know what a spar or bridle is — take it as a learning opportunity for the both of you. You’ll soon be outdoors in a wide open field, with the wind blowing all around you as you look up at your magnificent creations. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

10. Glow in the Dark Bowling

What kid doesn’t love glow-in-the-dark objects? Well, glow sticks are the secret behind the aptly named glow-in-the-dark bowling. Just put them in some empty plastic bottles to act as your “pins” and turn off the lights so you can see the glow. Choose a throwing spot and use a ball to knock the pins down. You may not see your child’s excitement, but you’ll certainly hear it in their giggles and laughs.

The easiest way to have fun with your kids this summer is to do something you both enjoy. Is your child the crafty type? Try squirt gun water painting or decorate some rocks. If you want to stay indoors, sheltered from the scorching sun, no problem; make some homemade goop or play bean bag toss. Either way, the team at Ada Smile Place hopes you have a wonderful summer.