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The purpose of technology in dentistry is to create the best experience for our patients. Modern technologies mean you, the patient, are more comfortable, the diagnosis is more accurate, and the treatment is more convenient. This sounds like a huge win for both doctor and patient! We’re proud to offer the best in diagnosis and comfort.

Cone Beam

A cone beam scanner is used for diagnosing. It helps the dentist map out the tooth anatomy prior to root canal treatment. It is used for dental implants, to determine the best placement, as a roadmap for surgery.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can take many forms. Most patients are familiar with the anxiolytic nitrous oxide, or happy gas. We offer this to patients who are anxious, sensitive, or just want to relax throughout their appointment. For patients who feel they need more than the happy gas, we are thrilled to offer oral conscious sedation (OCS).

Our OCS option allows patients to come in for treatment and feel as though they have only been here for 10 minutes. Patients who experience dental anxiety, have a limited opening or TMD issues, or just want to get treatment taken care of in one appointment are candidates for OCS. Our dentists do a thorough evaluation of each patient’s medical history and medications prior to scheduling patients for OCS.


“For the first time in my life, I have ZERO fear or dread of going to the dentist. The staff’s attitude, techniques and skills are impeccable. If you haven’t tried oral sedation, you’re missing out on having a healthier mouth and happier life. Thank you Ada Smile Place!!!!!!!!”

• Danna Laxton

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