6 Important Relational Benefits of Smiling

When you think of how to make a great impression on those around you, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people will agree that body language is at the top of the list, but many people don’t realize how powerful the simple act of smiling is in developing and maintaining relationships of all types, from romantic to professional.

The relational benefits of smiling are innumerable, but these are the 6 most common examples of how your smile impacts your social life.

1. Approachability

Few body language cues show you’re an approachable, friendly individual more than a genuine smile with welcoming eye contact. You might have noticed that you’re much more likely to greet someone if they smile first. Or when a passing stranger in a store offers a polite smile, you can’t help but smile back. This is because the act of smiling at someone releases feel-good chemicals in the brain that give you a sense of safety and welcome.

2. Communication

Did you know that 70% to 93% of communication is entirely nonverbal? Facial expressions are high on the list of important nonverbal cues all humans rely on during conversations. Smiling is an easy way to communicate that you’re enjoying a conversation and actively listening to the other person. Smiling also encourages more open and freer communication since the other person is able to see that you’re having an enjoyable time speaking with them.

3. Confidence

Smiling shows others you’re confident in your skin and happy to be there with them. It also conveys the idea that you’re proud of yourself and your appearance. Smiling can also boost your self-confidence, so many people recommend smiling broadly and freely, even if you may feel uncomfortable or nervous in a social situation.

4. Attraction

Science shows that smiling is more attractive than perfect makeup, body type, or clothing. Whether you’re dating or in a long, dedicated relationship, smiling is an important body language cue to make you appear more attractive, interested, and approachable romantically.

5. Trustworthiness

An interesting study showed that a person with a great smile is often seen as trustworthy as a first impression. This effect is likely because many other positive relational effects of smiling, like approachability, friendliness, and confidence, are all characteristics often associated with a trusting nature.

6. Familial Bonding

Smiling has a huge impact on babies and familial bonding. Even in infancy, babies instinctively recognize smiling as a sign of happiness, safety, and security. It helps them feel more confident in the world around them and strengthens bonds with their loved ones. This shows how important smiling is for humans and what a powerful body language cue it is on a social level.

You deserve to feel free to smile with complete confidence.

How do you feel about your smile right now? If you’re unhappy with how your smile looks, chances are you’re smiling less frequently or not as openly, even if you don’t consciously realize it. Hiding your smile or feeling reluctant to share it because of how your teeth look means missing out on many relational benefits that could improve your inner happiness and confidence or your professional and social life.

Cosmetic dentistry is the key to achieving the smile of your dreams by restoring your smile after damage or reviving it from years of stains and discoloration. Best of all, a smile makeover can be as extensive or minimal as you want. You can whiten your teeth to remove surface stains, repair chipped teeth with dental crowns, or apply porcelain veneers to give your smile a fresh new appearance.

Your dentist will custom design your smile makeover to fit your needs by addressing the flaws that make you unhappy while still preserving the characteristics you love. Modern smile makeovers focus on creating a smile that looks like yours but better, with a keen eye toward your face shape and smile style. Not everyone has the same lip lift and shape when smiling, so it’s important your unique features are taken into account.

Find your confident, healthy smile at Ada Smile Place.

If you know you’re unhappy with your smile, don’t wait another day to take action. Our mission at Ada Smile Place is to help everyone we see achieve optimal oral health and make their vision for a perfect smile a reality.

A consultation is a great way to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and the versatile solutions that can whiten teeth, erase years of damage, and replace missing teeth. Your dentist will offer expert guidance and help you to understand what’s possible with your smile as it is today.

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