Comfort dentistry makes dental appointments more than simply bearable.

For many patients, fear of the dentist is a very real obstacle preventing them from visiting the dentist regularly. This can have a negative impact on your oral health since, without regular preventive dental appointments, minor cavities, gum disease, or failing dental fillings go unnoticed and untreated until they’re painful dental issues that require more major treatments. This often only serves to feed these patients’ fear, making them more terrified of the dentist with each procedure—but it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Ada Smile Place, we provide comfort-based dentistry to ensure all of our patients leave happy, healthy, and stress-free. Our comfortable office, friendly and skilled staff, and our emphasis on educating patients about their treatment options all help put our patients at ease. We also use conscious sedation methods, like laughing gas, to help patients’ anxiety melt away while enabling them to stay awake to answer their dentist’s questions; plus, since the gas takes effect and wears off quickly, you can drive yourself home just a few minutes after your procedure is complete. It even comes in a variety of wonderful scents! Our goal is to make dental visits more than simply bearable; we want them to be enjoyable! Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s what comfort dentistry means to our patients—in their words.

Our patients experience anxiety-free dental visits and improved oral health.

“The experience was fantastic for my husband. He does not like to go to the dentist at all. They made him feel very comfortable with their care of him and his needs. So comfortable that he did not fight on return appointments. Good health stems from good teeth. I plan on keeping him healthy [for] a very long time. No complaints here.” —Ruth Jones

“My experience at Ada Smile Place has been such a blessing! Without fail, I have received superb dental health care and personalized customer service. I attribute the care and treatment I receive at Ada Smile Place as being a major factor in saving my teeth. I look forward to each appointment with no apprehension. Thank you for providing such excellent dental health care in every aspect.” —GI Moore

Our patients love our relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff.

“THE most professional, kind, and friendly staff I have experienced for my daughter. She is completely at ease and comfortable during her dental visits and I value the efficiency and level of professionalism delivered. I recommend this place to everyone!” —Renee Rackley-Allen

“I am just so very thankful for this place and its staff. I recently took the boys there for the first time and as I was leaving the youngest exclaimed, before we even got to the car, ‘Mom, those people are SO nice!’ I told him I felt the exact same way! I just can’t thank you enough for your genuine care for patients. I actually look forward to our visits. THANK YOU for that!” —Katie Hall Byrd

“We love it there! The people are so nice and welcoming! My 4-year-old LOVES going to the dentist! I never thought I’d be able to say that! Thanks to Ada Smile Place, it’s always an enjoyable experience! We also really like Miss Taran! She’s the best!!!” —Kellie Hudson

“They provide a caring staff that is tolerant and supportive with anxious patients. Each staff member took time to get to know me personally but yet maintained a very professional working environment. I highly recommend Ada Smile Place!” —Dana Hill

Our patients feel confident because they trust our staff and understand their treatment plans.

“Ada Smile Place is the best. Dr. Trey always takes time to listen and does a great job at explaining everything. The staff is also so sweet.” —Patty Wilson

“Benny is the kindest, most compassionate, and most importantly, the most talented dentist I have ever had the privilege of seeing. His mannerisms are kind with great empathy for the patient. He explains every single process as he goes through it, so there are no surprises. His integrity is unquestionable. When asked if some planned dental work would be either for health or aesthetics, he thought deeply for a minute and then responded that it was 30% health and 70% cosmetic. In essence, he was not pushing an expensive procedure. This honestly meant so much to me that I am going forward with it. His staff is friendly, cordial, and very professional. The waiting room is like the living room of my dreams. They even have an arcade video game for the kids. The place is ‘top shelf’ and we are very fortunate to have this business in Ada.” —Bryan N Brenda Sherbourne

“Lainie and the rest of the staff were fabulous! Genuine, caring, and friendly. They explained things so thoroughly I had very few questions. So glad to be back under Dr. Trey Edwards’ care.” —Alicia Chaplin

Comfort dentistry makes dental procedures a breeze.

“For the first time in my life, I have ZERO fear or dread of going to the dentist. The staff’s attitude, techniques, and skills are impeccable. If you haven’t tried oral sedation, you’re missing out on having a healthier mouth and happier life. Thank you Ada Smile Place!!!!!!!!” —Danna Laxton

“I had two teeth extracted and one post put in. Dr. Trey and his staff made me very comfortable. I barely remember much and I wasn’t scared. I’m healing very well, and go back in three months for the other post and bone graft. I am very pleased with Dr. Trey Edwards’ work and how he was very, very good at his work! I am very happy I found him as my dentist! Thank you all! If I rated them I would give them 100 percent! Great! Thank you all.” —Darlene Ryle Smith

“Was the best experience ever! Had a dental emergency before a holiday and the staff got me in even though I was not established. The environment was peaceful, friendly, and professional. They just won a new patient! #grateful #strawberrygasisgreat” —Janice Burkybile

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you don’t have to avoid the dentist, deal with toothaches, or endure nerve-wracking dental appointments. Comfort dentistry enables you to improve your oral health, keep your teeth and gums healthy, and reap the long-lasting health benefits of a healthy mouth—all without raising your anxiety levels.  If you’re ready to experience stress-free dental visits and improve your health, call our office to schedule a consultation at any time.