How To Find Great Family Dental Care in Ada, OK

One of the most beneficial things you can do to protect your family’s oral health is to be purposeful in your search for a new family dentist. Taking the time to vet prospective dental practices ensures you pick a dentist who prioritizes patient comfort, provides a superior level of care, and is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

Here’s what to look for (and what to be wary of) when searching for great family dental care in Ada.

Keep an eye out for these 5 red flags.

These red flags are signs that a dental office may not be a good choice for you and your family.

1. Old Equipment and Dated Technology

A dental office with old equipment and a dated approach to common procedures isn’t worth pursuing. Modern technology doesn’t replace knowledge and experience, but it does allow great dentists to provide a superior experience for their patients. Old equipment can show a lack of continued education and modern training.

2. Upselling Unnecessary or Unwanted Services

Feeling pressured into buying services or dental procedures that you don’t want should never be tolerated. Similarly, a dentist shouldn’t rush you into elective or non-urgent procedures until you’re confident in moving forward.

3. Poor Communication Skills

Poor communication skills are a universally frustrating problem. You should feel comfortable communicating with your dentist, and communication should feel easy. Look for a dental team that has a communication style that works for you.

4. Lack of Respect for Patient Needs

You don’t have the expertise and training of a dentist, but that doesn’t mean your thoughts or concerns are invalid. Dentists who speak down to their patients, belittle their opinions, or ignore questions about alternative treatment options should be avoided completely.

5. Frequent Negative Patient Reviews

Even the best dental practice may have a few less-than-stellar reviews here or there if they’ve been in business for many years and see a wide range of patients. However, steer clear if you see frequent bad reviews or poor reviews that cite repetitive issues. It’s safe to say that these practices have not been able to make changes in their practice that align with patient expectations.

Last but not least, if a dental practice doesn’t have any obvious red flags like the ones listed here, but you feel underwhelmed or don’t have a good gut feeling, that is reason enough to move on.

These 5 green flags mean go!

These green flags are signs that a dental office is worth visiting because they value patient comfort and strive to provide quality service.

1. Modern Equipment and Techniques

A well-equipped dental office is a sign that the dentist is up-to-date with advances in dental technology. Modern equipment typically makes treatment much more comfortable for patients as well. Similarly, a dentist who continues to undertake education and encourages their staff to do the same is another sign that you’ll be receiving a superior level of care.

2. Caring Team With Excellent Training

It’s crucial to get along well with the dentist, but it’s equally important to feel welcomed by the staff. You’ll be interacting with dental assistants, hygienists, and office staff during every visit, so it’s vital that they are well-trained in dental care and working with patients. A team that genuinely loves what they do and have been trained to provide a high level of service will enhance your overall experience.

3. Individualized Treatment Plans

We should all see a dentist at least every six months for a cleaning and checkup, but that’s really just the basics. A great dentist will want to know what your goals are for your smile. They’ll create a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your goals, and appropriately recommend procedures that fall within your plan.

4. Emphasis on Patient Comfort

A dentist should have a strong focus on keeping patients comfortable during visits and be especially cognizant of patients who have dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a fairly common obstacle children and adults face, but managing it is much easier when you have an amazing dental team to support you. A comfort-focused dental practice will offer sedation dentistry to ease anxiety and promote a relaxing office atmosphere for patients to enjoy.

5. Respect for Patients in all Ways

A great dentist will show you respect in several ways. They’ll speak to you as an equal and always take the time to listen to any ideas, worries, or thoughts you may have about your oral health or a recommended procedure. They’ll also show they value you as a patient by maintaining an open line of communication and follow up with a friendly phone call to see how you’re recovering after a procedure.

If you find a dentist that shows promise, it’s worth visiting them for an initial appointment to see their office, meet the staff, and get an idea of how the dentist works with their patients.

Great Family Dental Care in Ada, OK

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