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We are here to diminish the chances that you will need restorative services. However, think of restorative dentistry as your backup plan. It’s here when you need it. Also think of restorative dentistry as another form of prevention. Minor restorations prevent massive restorations later on. Even a filling, usually thought of as a routine general procedure, is a restoration that gets your tooth back to its best self. Our dentists will diagnose any decay you have, and recommend an optimal treatment plan.

Implant Placement

Imagine if there were a magical way to replace a missing tooth that made it look and feel as if you had never lost a tooth. Imagine that this solution was for a lifetime, and it gave your smile a fresh start, rewinding the clock.

Dental implants are a great option for replacing missing teeth and to improve chewing ability. Dr. Trey went through an extra year of training in advanced dentistry to be able to provide this great service for our patients.

The Implant Process

Our team will take a 3D digital image of the area to be treated. This allows the dentist to map out where the implant will need to be placed. Our team will also make a surgical guide to allow for smooth implant placement. We use medical-grade titanium implants.

Once we have all of the necessary diagnostic information, you will come in for the implant placement. Most patients say this appointment is more comfortable than having an extraction, so there is no need to worry! After implant placement, we wait three to four months for the bone to heal around the implant. This is called osseointegration. It is vital to get this part of the healing right.

After the osseointegration has taken place, you will come in for an impression for your final implant crown. Our lab takes special care to get your implant crown right. Stick with it—you only have one more implant appointment.

Four weeks later, you will get your beautiful final crown delivered in our office. Smile and enjoy your ability to chew with a newly restored, healthy implant!

If you are replacing multiple teeth, our dentists will help you choose between implants supporting multiple teeth (called implant-supported bridges) or multiple implants based on your needs and budget. Other options involving implants include fixed dentures and removable or partial denture. It all depends on your unique case.

If your case is especially complex, we work closely with our oral surgeon. Most cases can be taken care of right in our office, however. We use a CBCT scanner in our office to determine which option is best for you.


Crowns are one of the best achievements of modern dentistry. At Ada Smile Place, we offer Emax (all porcelain) crowns, which are beautiful and durable. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are another option that we recommend for their durability. And finally, gold crowns, the longest-lasting crown option, is sometimes chosen for back teeth where matching your natural teeth is not as much of a consideration.

Crowns are used for those cases when there is a lack of healthy tooth structure, or for when there is a hairline crack in your tooth.

It is imperative you get a crown as soon as possible after our dentists diagnose the need for one, so you can avoid more extensive restorations down the road, like root canals or dental implants.

So why would you need a crown instead of a filling, you may ask?

Crowns are necessary when you have a cavity that is too large for a filling, or when you have a cracked or badly weakened tooth, have had a root canal, need an implant, or for cosmetic purposes. Crowns are incredibly versatile in their treatment and application in a variety of restoration and cosmetic purposes. Our dentists are skilled clinicians with an eye for forming crowns that serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

For a crown procedure, your dentist will remove the outer portion of your damaged tooth, so the crown will fit. Any decay is removed, and the area is treated. If necessary, your dentist will build up the core of the tooth. After this stage, your tooth is now prepped for a crown.

Next, your dentist will take an impression of your tooth and send that to the lab for your custom-made crowns. You will be given temporary crowns while you wait for your custom-made final crowns. When you come back to the office, usually in four weeks, your beautiful crowns will be ready to place on your tooth. When your dentist has finished making any necessary adjustments, he will cement the crown in place.


“Phenomenal customer experience from the entire staff at Ada Smiles! From the front desk to the dental chair, it was excellent service by everyone! I’m not the best dental patient, but the team was extremely thorough with their patient care. This team rocks and you can’t help but have a fun experience while getting 1st class care for your teeth!”

• Scott Miller

Dental Technology

The purpose of technology in dentistry is to create the best experience for our patients. We’re proud to offer the best in diagnosis and comfort.


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